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Social VR for the Metaverse with A-Frame WebXR


There are many posts, and articles telling us what the Metaverse actually is, but presently very very few telling you how to build it!

The material starts from the basics of A-Frame WebXR and goes all the way up to the hosting of your own VR server on the internet, allowing Multi-user Avatars (heads only, but you can change that) which can VR Chat (talk-with-a-voice) to each other using Networked-Aframe (Naf) inside of your VR headset, or not.

All of this can be done inside a browser with Node.js JavaScript and HTML. Which in itself, and to me is truly amazing.

This 121 page book represents many years of my research learning, and testing, prior to the recent public understanding of what the Metaverse actually is, or can become . . .

The VR book is done, Yeah! "Social VR for the Metaverse with A-Frame WebXR", By Michael McAnally, © Copyright September 14, 2022. 4 months writing effort, 5-6 years research effort. Many many working examples. #metaverse #socialVR @aframevr #webxr #webdev #VR




Recently someone asked me how to make money with this?

Here is my response:

Excellent question! It’s open-source, and the fact there is no pay wall, login system, avatar creation and customization and building system, all pretty much required, you would need those to begin making money. Examples of those making money would be Hubs, Frame, Meta, training is another way, I mention art work and galleries, museums, etc… Admittedly, it’s early days, and I’m sure with crypto and other technologies ultimately money can be made. But just like any business which attracts and captures customers, marketing and support are also required as well as metaverse infrastructure. I hope that answers your question some. If not, you could always try building a game, but the competition is fierce in that arena too and is usually done by teams of people these days! I think ultimately just having this skill-set will mean you can eventually, or even right now begin to make money as an independent contractor/consultant, I just wouldn’t quit my day job just yet… And finally I hate to say it, but build it and they will come?