Welcome to my VR Office launch page! Multi-user access to the same web page in virtual reality is possible with and without a headset (VR hardware). See my Medium Article for details on setting up your own server with NAF. TO TEST VR OFFICE: Please read instructions below first.


Don't try to visit this web page with your cell phone. Desktops or laptops recommended only because of the high speed connections and graphic processing power required for VR.

Depending on which browser you use to view the web page, the "allow controls" will appear a little different. At this time the only supported browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Oculus. Safari is not a supported browser for required WebXR at this time (spring 2021).

Click on the little lock next to the URL in the address bar in the upper top left of your screen to see the microphone and sound settings in the Chrome browser. Allow the microphone and sound. If you have troubles with the Chrome sound enable, some people do, you might want to try using the Firefox or Edge browsers instead.

There will need to be more than one person connected to the web page than yourself for you to see and hear another user appearing as a robot head avatar. Also microphone/speakers (recommend earphones to eliminate possible feedback) must be available on your computer to hear any speaking audio between the connected persons.

To test with yourself on the same machine, open two tabs to the same address. Camera "must be allowed" if you have a video conference camera attached to your computer. Enjoy!

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Please Note: This is a developer testing platform and you are self-responsible for respectable behavior in this cyberspace: [Launch VR Office NOW]